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You've served to protect us, now let us serve you

We are a company dedicated to assisting Military Veterans and their families get their lives back. PTSD and Depression are debilitating, let us be your answer to renewing your life. We are here to serve YOU.

What we can help with

- Suicidality
- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
- Depression
- Neuro-Pathic Pain (including CRPS, RSD, and Fibromyalgia)
- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Safe To Use

Credible for 60+ Years

Cutting Edge Break Through

Clinically Proven

We Offer 0% Financing

Offering discounted rates for our Veterans and Active Duty Military.

Billing plans are designed on a case by case basis, are subject to credit approval, and a minimum spend requirement may apply. When on our payment plan, Military Matters does require some payment from the patient at each visit and will continue to be charged a monthly payment until it is paid in full. Please schedule a consultation for complete details.


About Military Matters

  • Our team is comprised of experts in the field of anesthesia and Ketamine administration.


About Us

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About Ketamine

  • If you have ever wondered about the purpose of Ketamine or how it might help you, we’ve got the answers you seek.



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What The Research Says

  • Ongoing research has some mental health practitioners very excited about Ketamine's potential to address depression.

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What They Say

Person on a tour
Brian Gilba

Off Pain Medications!

I’ve been doing these Ketamine infusions from Military Matters Ketamine in Colorado Springs at 530 Communication Circle. It just opened and I was their first client! These infusions have done amazing benefits for me: The depression I have had my whole life is actually lifting, something I have never had any luck improving by any other means. My chronic pain is nearly absent, I have been on the pain meds for over 10 years, I am in the process of weaning off for the first time. And my chronic fatigue is going away, I usually need 10 hours of sleep or more, and that has definitely decreased, and I have been feeling more energized. This is life changing!! I have hoped to get off pain meds for a long time and this is truly mind-altering amazement. The depression is going away and fatigue improving are bonuses!!

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