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Think You Know Ketamine? Think Again

First used in the field during the Vietnam War, ketamine is proven in pain relief and also showing promise as a treatment for depression. Thought to work by rewiring your brain, low doses of the drug are safe for use under clinical conditions.

Aug 5th, 2020
PTSD: How Ketamine Offers Relief

If you experienced trauma during combat or another violent incident, the effects can stay with you long after the event has passed. PTSD can haunt you and leave a lasting impact on your mental health -- but ketamine therapy can help.

Jul 12th, 2020
How Ketamine Differs From Antidepressants

Are you struggling with treatment-resistant depression? You’re not alone. The good news? Many individuals who fail to respond to traditional antidepressants are finding success with ketamine. Learn what sets it apart from other therapies.

May 21st, 2020
What to Expect During Your Ketamine Therapy

Have you heard about ketamine therapy for chronic pain and/or depression, PTSD and other mental health conditions? Have you wondered what to expect during and after a session? Learn what the experts say about medically managed ketamine therapy.

Apr 13th, 2020
Will My Insurance Cover Ketamine Infusion Treatments?

A common question that we hear is “will my insurance cover Ketamine infusions?” Ever since the FDA approved some forms of Ketamine (esketamine), many people are wondering whether there is Ketamine insurance coverage available to them ...

Jan 29th, 2020
How Does Ketamine Affect the Brain?

Ketamine is gaining traction in the news as a new, upcoming treatment for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and other select debilitating conditions along with their associated symptoms ...

Jan 7th, 2020
Does Ketamine Help With Chronic Pain?

What does Ketamine do and how does it help with pain? These are just a couple of FAQs we receive regarding the benefits of Ketamine infusions. This alternative treatment has been proven to treat chronic pain ...

Nov 17th, 2019
Does Ketamine Work for Depression?

For many people suffering from depression, Ketamine treatments alleviate the ongoing and troublesome symptoms associated with depression. It’s become a popular way to combat depression and the devastating effects that stem from it ...

Oct 22nd, 2019
What Is Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

When you suffer from chronic pain, depression, and other ailments, it's often beneficial to receive Ketamine treatments. Ketamine infusion therapy is an alternative treatment that works safer, better, and faster than many conventional treatments ...

Oct 3rd, 2019

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