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Does Ketamine Help With Chronic Pain?

What does Ketamine do and how does it help with pain? These are just a couple of FAQs we receive regarding the benefits of Ketamine infusions. This alternative treatment has been proven to treat chronic pain and is far better than opioids in today’s therapy. In this article, we will discuss how Ketamine treatment helps pain, the benefits, how to achieve less pain with Ketamine Therapy and how to get started.


Ketamine for Pain: Who Are Prime Candidates?

There are two types of people that receive the most significant benefit for pain relief from Ketamine. If you have chronic pain that hasn’t responded well to other medications or treatments, you would be a good candidate. Furthermore, if you plan to have surgery and will have chronic pain as a result, Ketamine Therapy can benefit you as well.

How Does Ketamine Help with Pain?

Ketamine infusions help those with chronic pain by bringing sedative, analgesic and amnesic properties to provide relief.

Those Suffering from Chronic Pain: Who Benefits from Ketamine Infusions?

Ketamine Therapy has been used for many pain control purposes. You can find pain relief, pain management and pain control benefits from Ketamine infusions. If you have been dealing with chronic pain that doesn’t seem to get resolved with other therapy or medications, Ketamine would be a great option to consider. As a military veteran, it’s likely that you might even undergo some painful surgeries or trauma where Ketamine infusion therapy would be useful. Some people are not good candidates, which is why you’ll want to have a full consultation with your provider first. Please inform our staff during your consultation if you suffer from high blood pressure, fast heart rate or any psychological disorders as these might conflict with Ketamine infusion therapy. Related Article: How Ketamine Infusion Therapy Helps with Depression

The Goal of Pain Management with Ketamine

Among the many benefits from Ketamine, you can expect to receive a noticeable relief from pain while undergoing treatment. In addition, Ketamine Therapy is proven to make it easier to sleep, breathe and move. You will be able to participate in more activities with friends and family without having debilitating pain. While you might not receive 100%, complete relief from the pain, pain management through Ketamine infusions will help you get back to living a more normal life. That’s the true goal here.

How Will I Receive Ketamine Treatments?

All Ketamine infusions for pain are given under direct supervision. You will schedule appointments based on your needs. Over time, the treatments will taper off as you have less need for them. Ketamine for chronic pain is given through an intravenous pump (IV infusions), but can also be given orally on occasion. There is the possibility that other medications may be given to you to help you further manage the pain during treatment. While you receive Ketamine infusions at Military Matters, you can expect to work with our dedicated staff, who only concern themselves with ensuring you receive the proper Ketamine dosage and frequency for your unique chronic pain treatment plan.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy in Colorado Springs

Talk to the Military Matters Ketamine Clinic located in the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center in Colorado Springs to find out what your options are with Ketamine infusion therapy for pain control. You can learn further information about what Ketamine is used for beyond pain control, what does Ketamine do, and how long Ketamine lasts in your particular situation. We provide Ketamine infusions in Colorado Springs to ensure you live your best life while minimizing unmanageable and chronic pain. Contact us today!

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