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Does Ketamine Work for Depression?

For many people suffering from depression, Ketamine treatments alleviate the ongoing and troublesome symptoms associated with depression. It’s become a popular way to combat depression and the devastating effects that stem from it. Here at the Military Matters Ketamine Clinic in Colorado Springs, we care about you. We feel it’s crucial to analyze the benefits of Ketamine infusion therapy, how it treats depression and what you should come to expect from a Ketamine clinic. Let’s dig deeper into how Ketamine works and the outcome you can receive.

How Does Ketamine Work for Depression?

Many people believe that prescribed medications are the only way to treat depression, but that’s no longer the case. These traditional methods simply don’t work fast enough and tend not to be effective in many cases. While SSRIs work to create a balance of chemicals in the brain, Ketamine Therapy repairs damage that’s done from long-term stress hormones. Because the body spills cortisol into the brain when it is stressed, there is often damage done to someone that has suffered from depression. Ketamine quickly and effectively treats this damage by increasing brain plasticity.


The Benefits of Ketamine Infusion for Depression

Before undergoing any new treatment, not just Ketamine, it's wise to look at the advantages and disadvantages. What most people find when examining the pros and cons of Ketamine is that this solution is simple and cost-effective. Among the numerous Ketamine benefits, patients often experience an improved quality of life, increased happiness, and newfound motivation. It's like becoming reborn into the person you always knew you were meant to be but were trapped by depression.

Why Ketamine is an Exciting New Method for Treating Depression

Ketamine Therapy has shown to improve the lives of many of our clients. We see its effects work much faster than conventional medications. Not only do people receive much faster relief after visiting our Ketamine clinic, but they receive a break from other symptoms as well. Anxiety and suicidal thoughts start to melt away for some, which is just another blessing this treatment offers.

How Often Do I Need Ketamine Infusions?

Ketamine infusion therapy looks different for each person. Ketamine for depression is given through an IV in the arm. Typically, clients receive multiple infusions during the first week, and it slowly tapers off until it turns into a monthly maintenance schedule. The effects of Ketamine Therapy become evident within just a couple of days for some people. The best way to determine the appropriate program for your needs is to discuss your depression with the Ketamine treatment center.

Ketamine Infusion Treatments in Colorado Springs

If you are looking for Ketamine treatments in the Colorado Springs or Denver areas, you might not know who to trust. The Military Matters Ketamine Clinic is located in the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center in Colorado Springs; trusted by locals and dedicated to serving the community. Our main focus is to serve military veterans by helping them find appropriate, effective treatments for depression and anxiety. It’s our mission to improve your life and help you experience the feeling of happiness once again. We strive to offer affordable Ketamine infusions that fit your needs. Talk to our staff today about the cost of Ketamine infusion therapy for your unique situation and learn more about how to walk away from your persistent depression. There’s a new life waiting for you!

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