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The Science Behind Ketamine — What Happens When You Take It

Traditional treatment options for PTSD, pain management, and mood disorders may not work for everyone. If your body does not respond well to conventional solutions, low-dose ketamine at the Military Matters Ketamine Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, might be a safe alternative. 

The Science Behind Ketamine

Treatment-resistant individuals may benefit from low-dose ketamine because of a process called synaptogenesis. This process works by singling out and binding NMDA receptors in the brain, then activating the release of molecules that help the right neurons to communicate properly. 

What to expect at your first appointment

Expect to provide information regarding prior mental illness and your medical history at your first appointment. Your psychological and medical backgrounds provide your doctor with the details necessary to determine if low-dose ketamine will ease your symptoms and if there are medication interactions that could cause complications. 

Once your doctor gives the green light for your ketamine infusion, you will meet with them to go over the process and expectations in detail. This meeting will allow you to ask any questions and change your mind if you choose to do so. 

Potential side effects

If you consent, you will likely receive ketamine intravenously, although a nasal spray, esketamine, is also an option. During the infusion, you will be monitored closely for any adverse side effects. Your team of medical professionals will watch your heart rate and breathing for the duration of your appointment. Additional side effects you may experience can include:

If you experience these side effects, your doctor may administer additional medication to dissipate the symptoms as quickly as possible. These symptoms should not last for long and would be more potent during your first treatment than at follow-ups. 

Immediately after the infusion begins, you may become drowsy or fall asleep. Many patients experience fatigue strong enough to prevent them from operating heavy machinery after the infusion. Prepare in advance by making arrangements for someone to drive you home. 

After your appointment

After your infusion is complete, you may experience lingering fatigue or a feeling of exhaustion. Rest assured, any lingering symptoms are temporary and should disappear within a few days. You may require several treatments before improvement for pain, trauma, or mood disorders is noticeable. Because every person is different, be sure to discuss progress with your doctor to determine what treatment plan works best for your unique situation.

Don’t suffer alone

Here at Military Matters Ketamine Clinic, we believe that quality of life is crucial for your physical and emotional well-being. To schedule a consultation or appointment, give us a call at 719-671-3147 or book an appointment using our convenient online scheduling tool.

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